What's in a name? Why "Knot"

"Knot" ...an intertwining
...a tightness
...a bond
...a woven structure
...tying together

When you look-up the word, “knot” in the dictionary, you may find a number of meanings, but one common theme remains. A knot represents the interlacing of strands to form a singular structure. In short, with knotwork, the whole is stronger than its individual parts. In terms of fastening, a knot represents strength and dependability.

These are the underlying concepts that make Knot Technology Solutions the perfect name for us. You can trust that we will bring different components together and secure a solution for the cohesive whole. We are your partners, and the knot between us ensures that we behave with integrity and use our combined strengths to find the best solution for your problem.

“We only promise our customers what we can deliver, and then deliver more than we promise”





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