Federal Government

• Department of Veteran Affairs
• Health Affairs/Tricare Management Activity
• Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications Center 
• Social Security Administration
• U.S. Department of Energy
• Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center
• U.S. Air Force 
• U.S. Army
• U.S. Navy

State and Local Agencies


• Department of Natural Ressources
• Department of Business and Economic Development
• Department of Environment
• Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
• Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulations
• Port Authority
• Department of Transportation
• State Police
• State Board of Elections


Florida, Miami-Dade County

• Aviation Administration
• Enterprise Technology Services Division
• Miami-Dade Police Department
• Miami-Dade County Public Library System
• Government Information Center


•Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE)



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